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Small and medium-sized companies provide the backbone of our economy. They bring jobs and prosperity to families and local communities. They are the future. However, they face difficulties in growing, not because of a lack of good ideas but because of financial constraints. 

An important obstacle for growth is the liquidity constraint caused by mismatch when paying suppliers up-front while providing needed credit to clients. In addition, not all clients may pay, causing losses. Under these circumstances it is difficult to grow the business and financing is scarce in particular if you can't offer collateral to the Banks.   

Mtaji wants to change this. We support our SME clients with both advice and financing to bridge the liquidity gaps and enable our clients to grow their businesses. We provide a customer financing solution while building trust in the SME Ecosystem.  

Our services are:

  • Reminding services

  • MSME invoice financing

  • PO financing

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Is Mtaji right for you?

Are you an SME entrepreneur with a yearly turnover of at least TZS 50mio?


Do you have more than 10 recurring clients with long-term business relationships?


Do you sell your products on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly) to your clients?

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